Horse Barn

I was driving down the highway, looked to my right, and WOW!  A weathered barn with a horse grazing in the field beside it.  This is somewhere I want to use in the background of a picture!  So I raced home, just to return as the sun was setting very, very quickly.  It was pink, and orange, and blue – oh wait, that’s on the other side of the highway.  You have about 20 minutes to figure out how to get the look you’re imagining with this side. Focus!

Turn the camera on, snap a quick shot to see how it looks.  FLASH!  Crud, there goes the horse…. running right out of my scene like I was paparazzi or something.  Ok, set the dial to M try a couple other settings, too dark, still too dark, too flat, too windy, weird angle, oops she moved, oops I moved, oh that might be a good one!  Well, here they are straight out of the camera.  I don’t want to spend too much time with Photoscape since I know I’ll be getting PSE9 in a couple days.  Or maybe Lightroom.  I need to decide quick!

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