Where the Wild Things Are

I got a new camera last week.  Nikon D3100 so I guess I am going to be a Black and Yellow, Nikon girl! 

We visited one of my favorite places to try my camera out.  It’s a park with a bridge to enter thru and winding walking trails.  A river runs along the side of it and there is a lower spot of trees and dirt that BMX bikes have created.  The trees create a lot of shade and the sun shines thru the leaves in a spotty way so I knew it would be a learning experience for me.

I didn’t capture the light magical feel I wanted, and I didn’t get the depth I wanted in some zoomed out shots.  Add those to the list of things I want to learn to perfect!

Photoscape is a free photo editing tool.  I used it on these photos, but am looking forward to buying PSE9 or LR very, very soon.

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