I Heart Faces | Fix-It Friday #107

How lucky we are to use this darling girl’s photo to “fix” this week!




In LR3 I played around trying to mask out the color cast on the chin.  It looks blue, but it’s actually green.  I couldn’t get it quite right so I knew I’d have to complete this in PSE.  First tho, in LR3 I increased A LOT – temperature, tint, tone, vibrance, saturation & decreased the saturation on the green, blue, and aqua.  I masked off the darling girl and burned and darkened her.  Then I masked off the background and burned, brightened, and added a tiny vingette because there already was some in the original pic.  I also brightened and whitened her eyes.  Added some sharpness and and reduced a bit of noise.

I still had to go into PSE and decided to add a warm glaze.  I used Coffee Shop’s Bakery Glazes II (Warm Honey) and then brushed it off the background.


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