I Heart Faces | Fix-It Friday #107

How lucky we are to use this darling girl’s photo to “fix” this week!




In LR3 I played around trying to mask out the color cast on the chin.  It looks blue, but it’s actually green.  I couldn’t get it quite right so I knew I’d have to complete this in PSE.  First tho, in LR3 I increased A LOT – temperature, tint, tone, vibrance, saturation & decreased the saturation on the green, blue, and aqua.  I masked off the darling girl and burned and darkened her.  Then I masked off the background and burned, brightened, and added a tiny vingette because there already was some in the original pic.  I also brightened and whitened her eyes.  Added some sharpness and and reduced a bit of noise.

I still had to go into PSE and decided to add a warm glaze.  I used Coffee Shop’s Bakery Glazes II (Warm Honey) and then brushed it off the background.


Posted on July 16, 2011, in Personal. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. This is a great edit 🙂
    Have you tried using ‘color’ with the adjustment brush in LR3.
    IF I had edited this in LR3 today that’s what I would have done ~ selected a colour from her skin and then used that to effectively paint over the blue/green colour cast.
    Just a tip ~ hope it’s helpful 🙂

    • Thank you! I wish I knew how to use that method effectively. I started to try, but when I clicked on the color and the pallette pops up you don’t have an eye dropper and just have to randomly choose? I’ve used it to paint walls and floors and backgrounds, but never faces where I need a close matching color….YET!

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