Fix-It Friday 128 | with I Heart Faces

This month is slow for many photographers.  Everyone is winding down after the holidays, getting their bookeeping in order, starting a new year and setting new goals.  I like to challenge myself during the down time by participating in the Fix-It Friday editing fun over at I Heart Faces.

I did a basic edit on this beauty. Healed and Cloned, Lightened, brightened, whitened, corrected and popped the color, and then came the hard part!  What is the best way to crop this so you see right into those lovely eyes?  I flipped her, twirled her, cropped out the arm, stretched the grass and it just didn’t give me the HELLO! I wanted.  So I gave her some more hair in the corner and took some hair that was crazy around her bangs.  Now I see you!!!

(I’ll add a few of the other ideas I tried that just didn’t work for me too.)




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