14/52 [Home] is where the heart is

Several emotions hit me when I came across these letters dated 1995 and 1996 written by my Grandparents to me. Sadness; my youngest daughter will never know her Great Grandpa Stucker because he passed 9 months before she was born. Happiness; I still have my Grandma at age 86, and reading these letters show how she is funny and silly, and reminded me that she loves weeping willows. She also liked to use those branches as switches. I don’t need to be reminded of that! More sadness and happiness; the written letter is slowly dying, and here I have a prized possession. This isn’t some preselected, electronic font, but my grandparents actual handwriting, full of emotion and personality! Last, but not least, Elation; my Grandma advising me to find one thing that is a blessing each day, and that I am a blessing to both my Grandma and Grandpa. That is a priceless gift. Especially on this day when I was feeling a bit insecure, needed a little encouragement, and then I was led to this box with these letters at the bottom. Letters from the heart, and home is where the heart is. ♥ I hope you find something to encourage you today.

One of my Grandma’s funny phrases, “I don’t know nuttin”bout nuttin'” Please share if your grandparents had funny phrases they would say!


p.s. processed with M4H Filmy, I love how my Grandparents use both my first and middle name when talking to me, and my Grandpa made that frame so I absolutely love it!

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