17/52 [White]

I was busy, busy this past week and try as I  might – had no inspiration for WHITE.  I wanted to just cheat and use a photo I’d taken before, but I decided to go with something I just shot.  I listened to Zach and Jody on Creative Live last week and took to heart what Jody said about Perfectionism.  Sometimes you’ve done enough.

So I just made this white tent and the dog had white on him so that counts, right?  Not perfect, but this P52 is for fun, a challenge, and to learn new things.  I think I had success with all 3 in a different way than I imagined!

I made this tent!  It’s upcycled from an old Paper White dress.  It’s linen and cotton with hand embroidery.  It’s gorgeous, but was ruined by a wine stain at the wedding it was worn at.    Success!

Lightroom was used for all of this – the edits, frames, watermarks.  I would be so happy if I could use Lightroom more to speed up my workflow.  Something about Photoshop adds a little something, something I haven’t been able to recreate in LR…yet.  So I accomplished something by learning a little more about creating this storyboard frame. Success!

So, I made a tent, captured some goofy dog expressions, used white, and learned I need more practice shooting white.  Success!

In a way, no inspiration turned into a great learning opportunity!

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