Wolf Moon, getting the shot | Keller childhood photographer

We’ve been fascinated with the moon this week, have you?  I shoot with a 35mm prime lens, so if I do get a detailed shot of the moon, it is a teeny tiny one!  As we were leaving Target last night, we again were gazing in wonder at the huge, beautiful moon.  I instantly got this fun idea, and we pulled down the street to the edge of a park to try to pull it off.  It was dark, lots of cars leaving the shopping centers, and no light!  Not great conditions for a camera to focus in.  So I raised my settings as high as they’d go to ISO 3200, tucked my elbows in tight….grrr, blurry, plus the wind was blowing…  repositioned my car headlights to throw some light into the field, give me some contrast, and yay – got some light and able to focus a little better.  Shutter was still staying open a little longer than I wanted, the wind was whipping my daughter around, but we got a few great shots!  I may not get detailed moon shots, but fun wolf moon shots are my thing anyway!!


B/W processed with My Four Hens Facebook freebie: Drama Mama B/W

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