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What to expect | Studio 1 Year Classic Birthday Milestone session with Cake Smash and Family photos | Dawn Lopez Photography, Watauga, Texas Photographer

You’ve been to my studio for newborn photos, 6 month milestone photos, and now you’re coming back to celebrate baby turning one year old!  So what can you expect?

This is an example of my typical one year session with family photos and a smash cake session.

We will capture family, classic with baby alone, then cake smash photos.
About 15 minutes taking photos as a family.
About 15 minutes more with just the 1 year old – can break midway to change outfits.
Change into cake smash outfit and smash cake!

You’ll need to bring:

Parents outfit, 1 or 2 outfits for baby, baby’s smash cake outfit, and cake! (there are a few other little things and big tips I give that can help make a cake smash successful, but you’ll receive those by email a few days before your session to help you prepare)

The little ones have about 20-30 minutes of real happy time that isn’t forced so I try to move thru those photos and not make them too tired to actually enjoy the cake smash the last 20 minutes of the session. It’s a lot of stimulus and the whole environment is new to them, cake is usually new too, and I just try to have fun with them and work with their personalities.

I also offer a baby only 12 month milestone or a baby only 12 month milestone plus cake smash add-on. Investment for all my 12 month milestone sessions start at $175.

Deluxe Themed Cake Smash Sessions coming in 2019!

Hope this helps you know what to expect from your Studio 1 Year Classic Birthday Milestone session with Cake Smash and Family photos.  Feel free to email me with any questions or to book your baby’s today!