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Project 52 Catch Up! 4/52, 5/52, 6/52, & 7/52

If anyone has ever tried to do a photo project, they will admit that it is hard to do.  I tried a photo every day of last year, a 365 project, but it was really too difficult and I felt like a total failure!  So this year I’m trying 1 photo a week, and so far I’ve been very good about participating in the My 4 Hens Project 52, but not very good at blogging it.  So today I’m going to post the last months worth and get back on track.

4/52 [Imperfection]

Sitting around a table talking about life and love with my Mother and 86 year old Grandmother.  My Mother takes her necklace off and lays it on the table.  Immediately I see the light creating beautiful colors and reflecting off the shiny tabletop.  So of course I take out my camera.  ISO 3200! Never been there before.  My Mother says, “you sure look at things in a funny way.” I look up at her and smile and think, “thank you.”  Imperfection.

5/52 [Simplicity]

This was far from simple to take, but the simple beauty of the plant I love!

6/52 [Emotion]

I feel just like this today. I just want to do this – close my eyes and just feel the good around me.

7/52 [Wildcard] my pick:  Snow happy!

Snow in Texas is a big deal!  Wasn’t sticking to the street yet, but a fun adventure for sure!

This was under the streetlight so not as slow as the other pic I took.  I have to give credit to my daughter, she is the one who suggested going down under the street light.  Try holding an umbrella, a camera, and take a sharp pic at super slow shutter speed.  I like how it turned out!  Great idea!